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About Us.

Our BBQ & Pork Rib Story

We take pride in serving the best home-made
BBQ and pork rib in town. 

We are family owned business with the passion to bring you the best BBQ and most flavor in the county. It all started with the passion to serve our community with homemade BBQ. Everyday we continue to wake up with the passion and desire to serve our community with the best quality and delicious BBQ.

We cook our BBQ with the utmost Passion and we cook all of our food in home-made style. We are dedicated in making the city’s best BBQ and pork rib.

Few BBQ words About Us

Serving Tasty and Quality BBQ and Pork Rib

Brewers SmokeHouse is where friends and family meet to relax, get-together and enjoy delicious tasty Barbeque and pork rib. At Brewer SmokeHouse we are all family and we treat all of our customers as family. Brewer SmokeHouse is a very friendly place for all. 

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Our Food Policy

We believe in cooking our food following strict hygienic standard. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers more than anything else; therefore, we cook all of our food in the most hygienic and safe way.

Our Core Values

Brewers SmokeHouse BBQ & Catering was founded with the deep rooted passion and strong desire to serve our community with the best authentic BBQ and pork rib ever. Therefore, we strongly believe in serving our community, city, visitors, family and  friend with the best home-made BBQ and pork rib. We wake up every morning cooking with our core values in mind.