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Our BBQ & PORK RIB Story

Brewers SmokeHouse BBQ & Catering was founded with the deep rooted passion and strong desire to serve our community with the best authentic BBQ and pork rib ever. Therefore, we strongly believe in serving our community, city, visitors, family and  friend with the best home-made BBQ and pork rib. We wake up every morning cooking with our core values in mind.

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Fresh From the Grill

All Meats Are Cooked with Passion

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They say seeing is believing, but we say tasting is living.
So don't wait, taste what we have smoking.


$18.00 per pound

Grilled Cheese


Comes with chips

Brisket Sandwich


Comes with chips 


$10.00 per pound

Sausage Wrap


 Comes with chips

Pulled Pork Sandwich


Comes with chips 

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What our Customers say

"Brewers BBQ is delicious!!"
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- Mike
"Very tasty, and amazing steaks I've ever had"
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- Patricia
"A must visit place for all BBQ lover."
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- Gloria
"Very friendly place
and the pork ribs are next to none.
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- Joseph